Hiromichi Konno has called the light collection, Kumo, the Japanese work for clouds.

    The clouds that constantly changing shapes, lighting intensity and directions of the light has inspired him to a series of shades with each its own cloud story.


    Studied product design in Japan and Sweden and worked at a design studio in London for three years. Started “HIROMICHI KONNO DESIGN STUDIO” in 2002 and is currently based in Tokyo.
    KONNO has been participating in the various design projects worldwide. Not only designing products, he has also worked on the development of concept design, supervised design brands and conducted workshops for children. Through these diverse positions, KONNO continues to seek an ideal form of design for the future.


  • which has a warmth and floating feeling with multiply clouds connecting to each other and the motif of cumulus clouds that create upgoing winds and also a light that goes upwards.

  • with the motif of wavy clouds that gives a comfortable rhythm to the space. One of the most impressive cloud formation that can be seen.

  • which features a cross-shaped slit, has a motif of a summer scene where the glow is emitted from the clouds.