Frank's Rocking

By Frank Reenskaug

Combination of narural ash and quality fabrics leaves the eye with a modern impression and comfortable seating.

Designed by Frank Reenskaug, this iconic rocking chair designed in the 1950's, shares an elegant, timeless, and modest expression.

The removable, upholstered cushions provide additional comfort and are available in a variety of colors that can be adapted to match the character of any premises.

Frank’s Rocking Chair is delivered flatpacked in 4 parts and is quick and easily assembled (W650mm x D845 x H880mm).

Frank's Rocking

Frank's Rocking was designed in the late 1950's by the Norwegian interior architect and woodworker, Frank Reenskaug. Reenskaug lived in a small Norweigan town called Drammen, where he created most of his works. He is praised among many design enthusiasts, for his talent and creation of beautiful designs, where the rocking chair remains his utmost famous work.

This is a photo of Reenskaug's shop found in a Norwegian newspaper from 1955. Here, Reenskaug sold his furniture.

the start of

The Rocking Chair

In 1958, the danish furniture factory, N.A. Jørgensens Møbel Fabrik, later renamed Bramin, launched Reenskaug's rocking chair, calling it No. 182. Bramin was at that time one of Denmark's biggest furniture manufacturers. After its launch, the rocking chair became an instant and huge export success and is today said, to be the most sold rocking chair in Scandinavia.

A Chair with Legacy

In the 1970's, production of the rocking chair stopped. But the reputation and admiration of the chair never ended. Over the last decades and until now, the rocking chair has been a famous vintage item that many strive to buy.

At Greenholt, we wish to carry on the legacy of Reenskaug's Rocking by relaunching it and follow the production skills of the 50 and 60 ties.