By Hiromichi Konno

Kumo is a series of lighting designed with clouds as a motif to convey the calmness when looking up at the sky. The Kumo collection consists of three lamps designed after the shapes of the sky; Nami-gumo, Natsu-gumo, and Wata-gumo.

Kumo Collection

The designer Hiromichi Konno, named the lamps after the Japanese word for clouds, kumo. The clouds that constantly changes shapes, lighting intensity and directions of the light has inspired him to a series of shades with each its own cloud story.


Hiromichi Konno

The designer Hiromichi Konno, has studied product design in Japan and Sweden, and worked in London for several years. Later on he started “Hiromichi Kong Design Studio” in 2002 and is currently based in Tokyo. KONNO has been participating in the various design projects worldwide. Today he continues to seek an ideal form of design for the future.