Matagi Stool

A small foldable chair for any occasion. Steady and stable for every user with natures finest materials.

The Matagi Stool, also known as the Hunting Chair, is made from leather and ash, making it beyond comfortable to sit on and stable for any purpose; as seating, a side table, or decor. The only limit is your imagination.

Matagi Stool

The Matagi stool, better known as the hunting chair, is an ancient design classic that has been used by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for decades. At Greenholt, we seek to reintroduce the stool, not only for outdoor purposes but also as a chair for styling your home.

Much more than afoldable tripod stool for on-the-go seating

The Matagi stool can be used in many ways as it is light and easy to move, which will motive many to use it more extensively in many places than other stools. The only limit is your imagination.