Naya Stool

by Isao Komatsu

The stool that is never in your way. Its compelling size and shapes truly difines Japanese minimalism an ensures that there is always room for you and your creative flow. 

The Naya stool is a unique product of Japanese furniture-making traditions. Made from european beech with a raw sanded finish, the stool is characterized by a circular seat supported curved legs providing unwavering sturdiness making it suitable for diverse practical functions.

Available in 3 heights, the Naya stool charms with uniqueness, efficiency, and style.

Naya Stool

From the countryside of South Japan, this minimalistic stool was crafted by Isao Komatsu in 1974. He sought to make an elegant and functional stool that could be used to support various activities. Therefore, he created this light stool made from beech with four arched legs to support any type of work.

This is a photo of Isao Komatsu old residence where he created the elegant Naya stool and enjoyed life after retirement.

The Naya stool, authentic beauty rounded by the Japaneese tradition of simplicity and function

After retiring, the designer Isao Komatsu started occupying himself with making traditional Japanese wooden masks called Bicchu Kagaru. These masks came from a rural Japanese faith from his hometown in Okayama. While making these masks, Komatsu was in need of a small and comfortable chair that he could sit on while carving wood. This led to the creation of the Naya stool.

Iconic, simple and uncomplicated design - beauty for everyday life

The Naya stool is never in the way. Iconic, simple, and uncomplicated - a beauty for everyday life. Its tiny yet comfortable surface ensures that there is always room for you and your creative flow.