Sheep Bench

by Tools Design

The Sheep bench is designed by Tools Design, embracing functionality and minimalism in one stool. Made from solid ash, its legs assure a steady seat allowing it to be used in any way - as an extra seat, a small table, or a step stool. The only limit is your imagination. 

Perfect for any setting, the Sheep Bench redefines traditional seating with its long and slim silhouette making it accessible for any type of housing.

Sheep Bench

The sheep bench is a unique bench with its round shape and slim siloute, making it suit any setting without taking up unnecessary space. Designed to resemble a sheep, with its body and tail, making it easy to move and comfortable to sit at. 

Designed by

Tools Design

Sheep bench was designed by Tools Design - a danish design studio, founded by the designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. Together with their team, they have for decades now designed many different functional objects with a little. Their design are often characterised by having an extra touch - just like the sheep bench. Tools Design Studio has recieved over 300 design awards, making it one of Denmark's most prominent design studios.

Elegant, yet functional

The Sheep Bench fits in everywhere. Its magic size, makes it possible to use it in any setting, for every purpose.

Always by your side

The sheep bench can accompany you in any way. It is by your side when you need a seat when taking off your shoes, as an extra step when you can't reach something. Its use has not limit. It can even serve as a side table for your things, when taking a warm bath.