Greenholt is a furniture and lighting company that strives to craft timeless design with inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese design philosophy.

We love authentic living, transperancy and genuine quality, furniture with a history.

Honesty, heritage, and longevity are topics that form the core values of our design philosophy. We celebrate nostalgia in a modern and future affirming way. Evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity. Our products are designed to last. Only nature ́s best quality materials are selected, and we never compromise on the excellence of craftmanship.

Our aesthetic roots from Japanese and Scandinavian design tradition.

We are inspired by the evoking movement of the fusion between Scandinavian and Japanese design tradition, which blends the best of the two world, creating designs with natural materials, clean lines, quality, balance, peace and functionalism.

Greenholt - a beautiful place

We are situated in Denmark 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen in the village of Sørup. It is located in the small parish of Greenholt close to the shores of Esrum Lake and next to Fredensborg castle which is the residence of the Danish Queen.

We believe that good design is not just what meets the eye, moreover it’s how it makes us feel.

At Greenholt, we rediscover designs created in the past that still have relevance and value today. We give new life to designs that have proven their worth through generations. Our aim is to make products that strike a perfect balance between simplicity and function, and that evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity having timeless and contemporary appeal.