by jørgen wolf

Designed in the 60's by the danish wood maker Jørgen Wolff, this classic is made from wood shaped as a cone, making it a unique as choice of lighting. Wood is used everywhere but placing Conus into the air adds another dimension to the combinations of material in the interior settings. Even though its shape is special, it still leaves the eye with a modest impression, being suitable for any context.

Jørgen Wolf

It all started with a waste paper basket that danish cabinet maker Jørgen Wolff (1932-2003) crafted for his room. It ended up being too high and unstable but when turning it upside down, it became a beautiful cone-shaped lamp. The year was 1957 and the lamp instantly got a lot of attention as wood had never been used as a lamp shade. Fortunately the heat testing showed that solid wood material was well suited for lighting.

Redefining traditional lighting - adding a bold yet warm dimension to its surroundings

Wood is used extensively, but with the addition of Conus in the air, another combination of materials is introduced to the interior design. The unusual cylindrical shape and choice of wood materials make Conus a singular lamp that challenges traditional lighting concepts. It creates lines of comfort and presents a modern yet genuine impression to the observer.

Iconic danish 60's design returns and is ready to unfold its beauty and history

Conus was an iconic statement lamp in the 60's. Browsing through scandinavian interior magazines from this decade, you can find Conus in many settings creating a warm and modern space with its unique shape and material. Wolf exhibited the lamp at many fairs and even won awards for this lamp that had not been seen before.