Frank Reenskaug

Frank's Rocking designed in 1958 has an elegant, timeless, and modest expression where styling with options is possible as both the back and seat cushions is separate. Natural solid lacquered ash frame. The delivery takes place as flat packed with 4 parts in a box, quick and easy to assemble.

NAME: Frank's Rocking Chair

DESIGNER: Frank Reenskaug

SIZE: W650 x D845 x H880mm

MATERIAL: Ash wood


  • Beige: Hallingdal 65 color 200 by Nanna Ditzel (Kvadrat)
  • Grey: Hallingdal 65 color 123 by Nanna Ditzel (Kvadrat)
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Frank Reenskaug's furniture shop from 1955.

A true classic is reborn and ready to take its place in your home

By relaunching the iconic mid-century rocking chair for contemporary interior, we honor its designer, Frank Reenskaug. With its excellent gentle seating comfort, classic and timeless design, Frank’s Rocking resembles a perfect connection between vintage modernity and tradition that is as relevant and popular as ever. The frame is in solid ash wood with harmonious and slender lines, featuring handcrafted joining parts, a generous backrest and gently curved armrests.

Perfect for beautiful spots, deep thoughts and quiet moments

We look for familiarity and comfort in continued times of uncertainty. Looks and quiet corners of refuge remain paramount. Whether it is the iconic piece of vintage design in your living room or a comfortable chair for that special, indulgent corner, this gentle moving rocking chair does it - and more! It will soon become your favourite, meditative place to relax.