The Matagi Stool, can be used for any occasion. Whether it provides outdoor mobile seating or serves as a side table in the living room. The aesthetic of simplicity adds coziness and calmness to the interior of any home. The natural materials, the light color of beech wood, and core leather come together in a simple functional construction.

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Name: Matagi Stool


  • Small (W330 x D300 x H500mm)
  • Large (W330 x D300 x H650mm)


  • Small: 0.8 kg
  • Large: 1.2 kg

Color: Natural

Material: Beech Wood and Natural Leather

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The Matagi Stool - authenticity rounded by traditions and aesthetic simplicity

The first wooden foldable stool goes back to before B.C. and during the 18th century, this form of stool was especially used for hunting. This is why the Matagi Stool is also known as the hunting chair. Because of its minimalistic shape, functionality and natural coloured look, the Matagi stool has in the last decade gained popularity for indoor use in Japan. Being the first market to adapt the stool, we have named it after the Japanese word matagi, meaning both a hunter and a forked tree. The name resembles the history and shape of the stool.

Much more than a foldable tripod stool for on-the-go seating

The Matagi Stool is much more than a foldable tripod stool for on-the-go seating as it has all the elements for appealing for indoor use with its natural materials of beech and leather which come together in a simple construction that maximize functionality. Whether it provides mobile seating or serves as a living room side table, the aesthetic simplicity of the Matagi stool add calm and cosiness to the interior of any home.